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6/10/24 - 6/16/24

Happy Rocket Sunday!

You probably heard that the powerhouses of the financial world, including BlackRock and Citadel Securities, are throwing their weight behind TXSE. These financial giants are investing a whopping $120 million to get the Texas Stock Exchange project off the ground…

The goal? To start facilitating trades by 2025.

Cool. So, what does that have to do with me?

Well, I believe that more competition is always a good thing… It drives INNOVATION, reduces costs, and ultimately benefits businesses and investors.

It's an insane benefit for Texans.

Here's the quick lowdown: NYSE and Nasdaq make their money from hefty listing fees, trading fees on every buy/sell action, selling real-time market data, providing tech services, and charging for regulatory compliance. Basically, they get a cut from every step of the trading process, ensuring a steady cash flow from multiple streams.

Once TXSE gets the official go-ahead, they’ve got their work cut out to convince companies to jump ship from NYSE and Nasdaq…

TXSE aims to be fully electronic and might offer better technological solutions and efficiencies compared to the older systems at NYSE and Nasdaq.

Now, imagine this: a sleek, fully digital platform right here in Texas, shaking up the traditional stock exchange model. It’s poised to redefine trading, offering potentially lower fees and faster, more efficient transactions. That’s a game-changer, folks.

Why should you care? If TXSE pulls this off, it could mean more opportunities for local businesses to go public, creating a vibrant market right in our backyard. More companies could mean more jobs, more innovation, and more growth for our economy. Plus, it could attract new TECH STARTUPS and established firms looking for a more cost-effective, streamlined trading experience.

I hope… that TXSE will become not just an additional stock exchange but it's a potential economic powerhouse that could drive Texas into the future of finance. Keep an eye on this one because it might become another HUGE thing for Texas. For more info, check out the full articles on San and the Wall Street Journal.

So, what are your thoughts…? What kind of startups would come out of this?

- Oleg


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